Absolute’s Goals for 2019/2020

Here are some of our goals for the remainder of 2019/2020:

  • Complete New Office Expansion!
  • Increase quantity of NICET Certified Fire Sprinkler Inspectors
  • Continue building relationship with M/WBE organizations
  • Continue to build our client database
  • Working with national associations to assist in completion of a new pilot program for Fire Protection design trainees
  • Continue to provide education for both our office staff and field technicians


Inspect to Protect

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Quick FAQ....

I have a standpipe system with two risers. The original design indicates a total flow of 750 gpm (2839 Lpm). Am I required to flow this much water for the five year flow test?

No. When conducting the five year flow test, one riser is tested at a time. Therefore, the flow should be a total of 500 gpm (1892 Lpm), 250 gpm (946 lpm) for each of the two topmost outlets.