Benefits of Fire Sprinkler Systems in the Home

On average it takes approximately 10 minutes for firefighters to arrive to a fire. 80% of fire related deaths occur in the home at night while you and your family are sleeping. Fire is fast leaving less than three minutes to escape. Fire sprinklers can buy you time saving lives. For more information on the advantages of installing a fire sprinkler system in your home please visit the following websites:

Legislation to Protect the Public

With the increased senseless loss of life due to fires, Governor Cuomo is enhancing legislation to protect the public.  These include legislation (S5212A, A7641A) that require prospective tenants to be notified in writing as to whether or not certain homes are installed with a fire sprinkler system.  He also signed into legislation (A7916A, S4610A) requiring builders of certain family housing to provide buyers with information on the installation and maintenance of automatic sprinkler systems. For more information or updates please visit:

Absolute’s Goals for 2019/2020

Here are some of our goals for the remainder of 2019/2020:

  • Complete New Office Expansion!
  • Increase quantity of NICET Certified Fire Sprinkler Inspectors
  • Continue building relationship with M/WBE organizations
  • Continue to build our client database
  • Working with national associations to assist in completion of a new pilot program for Fire Protection design trainees
  • Continue to provide education for both our office staff and field technicians


Inspect to Protect

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Quick FAQ....

I have a standpipe system with two risers. The original design indicates a total flow of 750 gpm (2839 Lpm). Am I required to flow this much water for the five year flow test?

No. When conducting the five year flow test, one riser is tested at a time. Therefore, the flow should be a total of 500 gpm (1892 Lpm), 250 gpm (946 lpm) for each of the two topmost outlets.